The Farmhouse through YOUR lens: Sep 28-Oct 4, 2017


We say it time, and time again! We LOVE seeing YOUR pictures!! We’re always looking at photos guests tag of us, whether on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.  This time, I decided to start a little project and instead of doing a #TBT  I’ll start sharing your photos on our website!  What is it about The Farmhouse that makes you want to snap a shot? Is it our food? A delicious cocktail? Perhaps our decor? Maybe it is a great moment with family and friends!

I always find it fascinating to see what photos our guests end up sharing on social media when they visit with us. I will try to share with you every week 7 photos/posts that guests have taken while visiting us.  These will be in no specific order, it could be a photo with 500 likes, or not even one… perhaps it is a food about a cocktail or a painting, or a dog… could be from either social media source, an event… you get the idea! If it was a public post, tagged, or checked in, we look forward to share it with guests!  Of course, we’ll contact you before posting a photo of a face to make sure you’re ok with that.  There will be no specific order, just awesome photos taken by you, our guest. We want to see and share what you see through your lens!!

Alright! Here are the 7 photos of the week: Sep 28-Oct 4, 2017

Brunch by georgetshuma  on Instagram

This just looks like a scrumptious brunch waiting to be devoured with friends!! It made our mouth water!! Thank you George for taking this shot!

Solid way to end a great week with great friends. I appreciate KC’s food scene #UPCIGC17

A post shared by George Tshuma (@georgetshuma) on

The face of Bo, the brunching pup, also on Instagram

How can we not include this amazing pup?! Look at that face!! (I think he wants more eggs!)

The luncheon hosted by the NEKCCC via Facebook

We love hosting special events and this was quite a fun lunch with our friends at the NEKCCC!! Maybe you’ll want to host your next luncheon with us!

Very informative luncheon today. It was held at the Farmhouse in the River Market. Speakers included Donna Mandelbaum…

Posted by Northeast Kansas City Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A great cocktail shot by thelitebrite

A craft cocktail is always a sight for sore eyes.  Plus a great way to pamper your taste buds.

#midnightinthegarden at #midday! #delish #cocktail!!

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Our staff sharing previews of our Gallery Openings

Did you know? Most of our art at The Farmhouse is for sale! Every month our Gallery Room will feature new artwork from great local Kansas City artists! Come for a meal, check out the art, buy some pieces for your home/office… you know, the whole 9-yards!!

We have cheese, wine, and spooooky art! Come on down and check it out!

Posted by Harley Sarls on Tuesday, October 3, 2017

jennareed0910: A KC Art Owner

Well, speaking of art galleries and receptions. Woo hoo!! A painting sold during the art opening!! Telling you, you can have a piece of The Farmhouse in your home! Great job Jenna! We’re sure it’s going to look great on your walls!!

KC art owner

A post shared by Jenna Reed (@jennareed0910) on

Happy 35th Birthday to Bree’s hubby!!

We LOVE it when you celebrate with us!! Happy birthday to breetalks hubby! That charcuterie board looks like a great birthday treat, and we feel honored that you chose to celebrate with us! Many! MANY! MANY MORE BIRTHDAYS TO YOU!!!!


I hope this photos brought a smile to your face as they did to mine!  I look forward to seeing more of your photos, and maybe they’ll make it to our website!  Don’t forget to tag us @thefarmhousekc or use the hashtags #RoosterLove or #MyFHKC  (My Farmhouse KC).  Cheers!!


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