The Pitch

Margot does it again!!

Holy bacon & lardons, farmer! Margot is on the news again!!


Just in case you didn’t know, our staff is one of the most talented and wonderful staffs in Kansas City!! Our bar manger, Margot Thompson, is not only talented, creative, a go-getter, hillarious, witty and a great leader, but she is also quite the crushworthy bartender!!!
Now, don’t you start saying that we are just making this stuff up, because we’re NOT! ¬†According the The Pitch, our lovely Margot has won the title of “Best Crushworthy Female Bartender“. HECK YEAH!!! Wooo!! You go girl!!!

If you’ve never met Margot, um… what are YOU waiting for?? She will whip up a cocktail for you that will make you feel like all you are in heaven! (Just look at her go!!).margot-the-champion

So come join us at the bar for Happy Hour or for Dinner, and get to know our amazing Margot! Then you’ll be able to personally tell just why KC has a crush on her!!