How to brew a French Press coffee at home


From time to time, we may get a guest asking us “What is French Pressed Coffee?” or “Why do you only serve French Press?”

We LOVE having French Pressed coffee at The Farmhouse! It allows you to control how dark or light you would like your brew, plus you get a greater depth in flavor that you would otherwise miss from other brewing methods! It’s simple to do, perfect for a “lazy morning” at home where you can just let it steep while getting ready or have it at the center of the table while chatting with your dinner guests! If you’ve never enjoyed a French Press coffee, why not order one next time you join us? If you like it, get a French Press and start brewing at home! You can click here for a quick tutorial on how to brew the perfect French Press, and if you would like it to have that Farmhouse taste, don’t forget to buy your coffee from Broadway Roasting Co!

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