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Margot does it again!!

Holy bacon & lardons, farmer! Margot is on the news again!!


Just in case you didn’t know, our staff is one of the most talented and wonderful staffs in Kansas City!! Our bar manger, Margot Thompson, is not only talented, creative, a go-getter, hillarious, witty and a great leader, but she is also quite the crushworthy bartender!!!
Now, don’t you start saying that we are just making this stuff up, because we’re NOT!  According the The Pitch, our lovely Margot has won the title of “Best Crushworthy Female Bartender“. HECK YEAH!!! Wooo!! You go girl!!!

If you’ve never met Margot, um… what are YOU waiting for?? She will whip up a cocktail for you that will make you feel like all you are in heaven! (Just look at her go!!).margot-the-champion

So come join us at the bar for Happy Hour or for Dinner, and get to know our amazing Margot! Then you’ll be able to personally tell just why KC has a crush on her!!



We are OPEN during the KCSC resurfacing!!

Good Morning KC!!

There is a lot of construction going on this morning in the River Market!! The KCMO Public Works department is resurfacing the streets along the Streetcar route today.  While there may be some road closures, our kitchen and our staff is here and ready to serve you a delicious lunch!!; then happy hour, then dinner, ya know….

We wanted to share with you an email that we received regarding today’s KC Streetcar construction.


Good morning, 

The KCMO Public Works department will begin street resurfacing this week on Thursday morning, October 15. In order for crews to complete their work, “no parking” signs will be placed along 3rd Street starting tomorrow.
At 9:00am on Thursday morning, resurfacing crews will begin work on 3rd Street west of Grand and proceed counter clockwise around the City Market. Two-way traffic between Walnut and Delaware will be maintained. Street side parking will be limited. 
Road ClosedDelaware from 3rd to Independence will be closed Thursday, as crews will mill the road that afternoon. Parking will be reopened during non construction periods. The City contractor anticipates opening parking along 3rd Street by 12:00pm and on Delaware by 5:00pm on Thursday. 
Beginning on Friday morning, road resurfacing crews will then begin work on 5th Street from Delaware to Grand. Street side parking will also be limited, but opened back up for the weekend. 
On Monday, October 19th at 9:00am, crews anticipate completing resurfacing from 5th & Grand to 3rd & Grand. Street side parking will be limited but opened back up as construction moves out of the area. 
If you have any questions about this work, please feel free to contact me directly via email or by phone at 816-260-5746. 
Thank you. 
Don’t forget that there is a LOT of parking spots in the River Market, located just within a block or two away from The Farmhouse!
River Market Parking FHIn case you are unfamiliar with where to find these parking lots, chec out the handy map made by our friends at Vist KC!! So, come on over for a delicious and tasty meal!

Seen At: Big Apple Nosh

bigapplenoshWe figure that since there are so many bloggers out there posting about us, we may just as well give them a shout out on our own blog. Makes sense, no?

Featured as our first “Seen At” blog, we’d like to share with you the review from Big Apple Nosh. We saw this delicious entry when Serena tagged us on Twitter! You know we love when we are tagged on your photos or blog posts! We love it when you share the #RoosterLove!!

Would you like to read the whole review? Check out The Farmhouse review at Big Apple Nosh

Welcome to the world, baby Coralynn!!



Happy birth day!! Congratulations to our dear Taylor for having her baby Coralynn earlier this morning!! We couldn’t be any happier for this little one to join our Farmhouse family!! Mom, Taylor “Farmhouse”, has been part of the Farmhouse family for four years, starting as a server and making her way  up as a floor manager!  Her brother, Trevor “Farmhouse”  joined our family earlier this year and you can see him as our server, busser and host!!  Congratulations to the happy and proud parents, Taylor & Matt, and to the uncles, aunts, and grandparents!!!

We can’t wait to meet little Coralynn in person!

FAQ # 1: What is THAT??

Answer:  This, is house-made ketchup!!

20150917_143843 If we are giving you the freshest ingredients… wouldn’t it make sense that EVERYTHING in your plate is freshly made??

We think so!!

So that little ramekin of red goodness on the side of your sandwich, your steak, or just right next to your fries… is fresh, house-made ketchup!!  No preservatives, no corn-syrup, no MSG added to it… just tomatoes and spices.  And a lot of patience from our dear Drew who spends about 4 hours each time cooking it!  When it finally cools down, we are ready to serve it to you!

Now you know!

The #PostingRooster is back!

stock-illustration-67544289-question-mark-roosterNo, our page did not get hacked…. our General Manager likes to call herself “The Posting Rooster” on Twitter when interacting with our guests!  So, the #PostingRooster is back and wants to move our FAQ from random posts on social media, to entries on our blog.  Is there something you’d like to know about The Farmhouse? Then hop on the Twitter bandwagon and ask and tag the #PostingRooster!  Every Monday morning, a question will be answered on our blog… will it be YOUR question??

You’ll never know if you don’t ask…

We proudly support our local farmers!

A couple of months ago, I had to pleasure to meet Mr. Anthony Ladesich while he was having lunch at The Farmhouse, he then told me that he wanted to work with us in a short little video which would showcase the work that we do with our local farmers.  While KC has a lot of wonderful things to be known for, not that many people outside of Kansas City seem to know the wonderful farm-to-table movement taking place in this great city of ours.  He mentioned it would be in collaboration with our friends at Visit KC, and Gibbs Road Community Farms.  That was all I needed to hear. I looked for Chef Foust and told him he needed to meet Mr. Ladesich and hear his ideas.  We could not wait to be part of such a wonderful short film!!

It feels weird for us to talk about ourselves, however, if you ask us something about our farmers… please grab a seat because we have SO MUCH to tell!!  What is there not to love about our local farmers?? They are right here in KC, on our back yard, working day in and day out in order to grow the best animals and produce ever.  To be able to talk to them and ask them “Hey! How are you doing? How is this weather treating you?” And to hear that the big storm really hit hard this farmer north of KC, but it skipped this other one that is located south of KC… that for one farmer with these crops is loving the rain, but this other one is making it hard on his “not so thirsty crops”, is a real eye opener to all their hard work and dedication.  It brightens my day when I see any of our farmers walking through our door, and I look forward to those few free minutes of catching up and seeing how everything is working out for them.

We would like to thank Visit KC, Mr. Anthony Ladesich and of course, Gibbs Road Community Farms for allowing us to be part of this wonderful little film, and for letting us shed a bit more light to how great it is to support our local farmers.  Don’t forget to check out our full list of farmers that we work with!!

Can you believe it is already September?

We can’t!  It seems that not that long ago we were serving KC’s couples a lovely Valentines day, or our dear moms and dads a special brunch to celebrate them…. heck, it seems like yesterday we celebrated our 6th birthday on the 4th of July!!!  And now, the air is starting to get its crisp again, the pools have now closed, and kids have gone back to school! Whoa!!

A lot of changes are also happening here at The Farmhouse! We’re working on new menu items, both for our bar and our food, as well as a whole new season of special events planned out! Make sure to keep an eye on our events calendar so you don’t miss out on any of our collaborations or special dinners that we have planned out!

Also, don’t forget that we LOVE seeing your photos of your visit with us!  Whether you like to use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, we keep on checking for your photos with the hashtags #RoosterLove or #MyFarmhouseKC. It also does make it easier if you tag us @TheFarmhouseKC.  🙂  Oh, and yes, we also love sharing your photos with the rest of our Farmhouse family, so we’ll share, retweet and repost your love!!


We look forward to your next visit!

We’ll be CLOSED for service on Monday, August 10th.



We wanted to let you know that we will be CLOSED this upcoming Monday, August 10th, for two wonderful reasons:

1.- We are getting a new exhaust fan!! Woo hoo!!!

2.- The crew is taking a Family Day at Schlitterbahn!!

So, while we ‘ll unfortunately not be able to serve you, we’ll post some interesting photos on our social media!!! We can’t promise which ones you’ll get, either random & weird equipment, or our staff being all goofy… most likely both!!


We should be able to get it all done and be ready to serve you a tasty and delicious lunch again on Tuesday, August 11th.

See you soon!!!

We are starting a new adventure! Meet Red Wattle!

Did you get to check out Jenny Vergara‘s new article about us on Feast Magazine?? No?? Well, then you might have missed some great news!! We are launching a new and delicious adventure here in KC named Red Wattle!

Click here to check out Jenny’s article with all the scoop as to what we’re up to!!

Would you like to follow us and see the progress from now (the beginning) on to our debut and more?  Why not follow Red Wattle KC on our Instagram, Facebook

Michael Foust talks to Jenny Vergara & Feast Magazine about Red Wattle

& Twitter accounts?!