About Us


You know how, after you’ve had a really long day, all you can think about is a nice comforting dinner?  Maybe it’s something you grew up eating, something fresh and soul-soothing, something that takes you back to the sheer joy of tasting and allows all other thoughts on your mind to simply drift away.

Now…couple the bliss of satisfaction in sustenance with the responsibility of supporting your local farmer and reducing the demand on the earth in food transportation and you’ll understand the reasoning behind The Farmhouse.

“Farm-to-Table, Tip-to-Tail”

The Farmhouse features seasonal and classically creative comfort foods of all types.  We hate to waste food; embracing the “tip-to-tail” ideology enables us to work with our local farmers to grow the animals we need and to harvest those animals as they’re needed.  We also respect each animal raised for our kitchen by using as much of each animal as we creatively can.  We butcher cuts not commonly used in modern cooking; we make our own bacon and lardons in house; we make chicharrones, broths, stews in house…all from pastured animals grown for The Farmhouse!  We continue that ethic with the produce served in our restaurant and in our scratch bar — we use all parts of the vegetables we receive from our farmers, making our own stocks, sauces, ketchup, and our talented bartenders make their own seasonal syrups, purees & shrubs.

“Farm-to-table” means that we work with local farmers from Kansas and Missouri, making them the base for our food and drink ingredients, keeping them in business all year long, reducing our carbon footprint, and making sure that you get the freshest ingredients on your plate!  Picking their organic, non-GMO crops at dawn, delivering them to us early in the day, our farmers enable our menu to remain seasonal, always fresh, and creative.

Seasonal menus are wonderful!  You get to fully enjoy what the Kansas City region has to offer, from the change in the weather to the change of the crops.  Enjoy delicious drinks and comfort food with us!