A Royal Farmhouse


We could not resist posting this little video of A Royal Farmhouse!! ¬†Tuesday was such a wonderful day for our city, and our team!! ¬†It wasn’t until we got to see our camera at 32 times the speed, with the lovely Yakety Sax music as the background, that we were able to regain our spirits and make our bodies less achy!


THANK YOU Kansas City for joining us after the Royals festivities!! And THANK YOU for all your patience!!! Huge kuddos to our fantastic staff: Hostess Katelyn, Servers: Scooter & Trevor, our rockstar dishwasher: Cowboy, Drank-Slanger Jenny, our amazing kitchen crew: Chris, and our Managers: Nael, Mitchell, Margot & Jason! Seemed like #1738 covers! #RoyalsParade



  1. Oh my goodness!! Did you have any food left by the end of this onslaught??? Great job everyone!

  2. Thank you!! We were getting so close to running out!! Thankfully we close at 3PM on Tuesdays… so we did survive!


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